Lucy started off in consumer advertising 20-something years ago. But before long, she made the leap into employer branding and never looked back. “There’s something really purposeful about using your creativity to give people exciting new futures, as opposed to selling them another can of pop”.

As an Art Director who’s toured the notable agencies in our sector, she’s been lucky enough to learn from some of the industry’s finest (you know who you are), and is now helping lead the creative team at Blackbridge, into a new era. She’s passionate about forming close partnerships with clients, reimagining their brand journeys and leading them outside of their comfort zones creatively.

Having won a few RAD awards herself, she’s honoured and excited at being asked to be a judge: “I love everything about the RADS. Getting ready in the office and the pre-event glamour, bumping into old friends and colleagues, but most of all getting to see the best work in our industry, which only gets better year after year.”