Interns savour Pot Noodle’s winning digital experience

Working with Raptor Marketing and GradBay, Pot Noodle's alternative internships campaign is praised by the 2023 RADs judges for its super fun digital experience.
Pot Noodle Internships - with Raptor Marketing and Gradbay
Pot Noodle Internships - with Raptor Marketing and Gradbay

About the campaign

In 2021, Pot Noodle decided to partner with GradBay and Raptor marketing to tackle the rising problem of youth unemployment. The result was a new platform for jobseekers called Pot Noodle Internships.

The platform offered 150 paid internship opportunities in ‘alternative’ industries including film, music, gaming and publishing. Users could apply with a short video rather than a CV, and inclusivity was a top priority, welcoming those who may not have received prior careers advice. The digital hiring platform used images and video content from each hiring company to boost engagement, and employed a job advertisement gender decoder, readability checker and candidate visibility settings to ensure greater diversity.

To promote the website and the range of opportunities on offer, Raptor and GradBay created a two-day live streaming Virtual Alternative Careers Fair event, hosted on Twitch, a popular platform among the Gen Z audience. A stream on getting into the music industry resulted in a significant increase in internship applications. Featured companies offered real-time careers advice and the event included challenges. Raptor recruited and trained 30 student brand ambassadors that actively promoted the site at universities, uploading bite-sized content to social media. Free merchandise was also offered to the first 1,000 users to sign up to the website.

Over the duration of the Virtual Alternative Careers Fair, the site accumulated thousands of applications, and 150 young people are now in direct employment. Many have been employed in a full-time capacity after their internship, showing a lasting positive impact on young people’s career prospects.

Judges’ comments

Our judges said it was great to see people thinking outside the box and taking a risk, describing the campaign as a supremely creative digital experience that saved students time, with super fun content and super relevant channels.