Hologic prescribes interactive recruitment insights tool

The women's health innovator partnered with SMRS to deliver a tool that would help it hire more efficiently and strategically.

Year: 2023
Achievement/category: Shortlisted in Innovation
Client: Hologic
Agency: SMRS
Industry: Healthcare

About the campaign

Hologic is a leading innovator in women’s health, and wanted to take a more scientific approach to how it hired people. It wanted to understand how different recruiters performed, move away from the use of ‘vanity’ metrics, hire more efficiently and effectively, and become more strategic and evidence-driven.

The challenge was that the company’s data was scattered, unusable and limited. It needed a tool that would combine data from a range of sources, then clean, merge and model it. SMRS set about creating a role-scoring model and suite of insight dashboards that would give Hologic the answers it needed on questions such as: how competitive is the market? What is Hologic known for? Which recruiter is an expert on what? What is the supply of candidates for each role? Data comes from the HR system, applicant tracking system, external benchmarking data and market figures on open roles.

Hologic now has an interactive online tool that provides a summary matrix of all roles and their difficulty, a deep dive into specific roles and their historical stats, scorecards on different recruiters and real-time summaries of live roles. The result is that Hologic’s recruitment team can create more accurate resourcing plans and better manage workloads, focusing on candidate experience and reducing hiring times.