Royal Mail Group delivers social success to a new generation

Royal Mail Group attracted a new generation of apprentices with a creative campaign by ThirtyThree that won 2023's Use of Social.
Delivered - Royal Mail Group with ThirtyThree
Delivered - Royal Mail Group with ThirtyThree

Year: 2023
Achievement/category: Winner in Use of Social
Client: Royal Mail Group
Agency: ThirtyThree
Industry: Public services and administration

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About the campaign

Royal Mail wanted to recruit the next generation of employees and needed to convince 16 to 18-year-olds to apply for an apprenticeship. It needed to overcome young people’s misconceptions of being a postman or woman and to demonstrate that not all careers have to be in an office. It decided to interview current postie apprentices to find out why they enjoyed getting up for work every day, and they highlighted the positives of working outdoors, keeping fit, a good salary, being part of a team and great career prospects.

It decided to use TikTok to convey this message to the audience authentically, using existing apprentices as the stars. Videos included a keep fit-style film, showing scenery and asking followers to identify the location, and showing a day in the life. One video even showed a parcel talking about the pride posties take in their job. The campaign attracted thousands of likes and impressions in a matter of weeks. 

Judges’ comments

Our panel loved both the creative and the results. From the focus on the audience and the platform to engage them, to the way the campaign played by the rules of the channel, creatively everything was just on point.