McDonald’s employer website gets personal

McDonald's, together with ThirtyThree, was praised for personalised and localised content on its careers site, bringing its unique culture to life.
Let's... Together - McDonald's with ThirtyThree
Let's... Together - McDonald's with ThirtyThree

Year: 2023
Achievement/category: Winner in Employer Website
Client: McDonald’s
Agency: ThirtyThree
Industry: Hospitality

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About the campaign

ThirtyThree had built an employer brand site for McDonald’s in 2016. But since then, the agency had improved its intelligent careers site technology Mercury, and the restaurant chain had made changes to its brand. The company worked with ThirtyThree to refresh the site by using Mercury to drive relevant content directly to candidates via their first reading of a job description, and integrate this with McDonald’s applicant tracking systems (ATS).

McDonald’s wanted the new site to bring its unique culture to life, showcase initiatives fundamental to its brand, and keep the user experience clear and simple. The Mercury system pulls job data from McDonald’s three ATS, meaning candidates can search across every possible role in one place. An easy-to-use content management system enables the company to create campaign pages as and when, auto-populating them with relevant jobs and employer brand content.

Because the site dynamically pairs content to the right pages, it doesn’t matter where candidates discover the ad or link, ensuring a seamless user journey. Every restaurant in the UK and Ireland has its own landing page, supporting franchisees with local recruitment. Since the new site structure went live in September 2022, an increased number of users are becoming candidates.

Judges’ comments

Our judges not only loved the localised and personalised content, but also felt that people’s stories and video content showcased the different opportunities that McDonald’s can open for employees.