Sanofi’s new employer brand is winning favour

Sanofi and Symphony Talent used extensive research to develop a new brand, shortlisted for the Employer Brand - International category.

Year: 2023
Achievement/category: Shortlisted in Employer Brand – International
Client: Sanofi
Agency: Symphony Talent
Industry: Healthcare


About the campaign

Global healthcare company Sanofi needed an employer brand that aligned with its new ‘Play to Win’ strategy, demonstrating its commitment to continuous improvement and positive change. Symphony Talent needed to incorporate Sanofi’s valued behaviours and align the new EVP to the new corporate brand to create a consistent internal and external experience.

Through employee surveys, external talent interviews, competitor research, discussions with senior leaders and an external survey, Symphony Talent built an EVP that connects corporate and business brands with people at the centre. It needed to persuade people that healthcare would be an exciting change of career and convince those already in the sector to choose Sanofi over competitors.

It built the brand around four pillars: explore more, chase change, do right and make miracles. It developed a long-term training programme to help comms and engagement teams to embrace the tone of the new brand, supplemented with a new creative asset portal and visual identity. The new employer brand has been launched in 77 countries and hundreds of employees have been trained in the brand, including in-depth sessions with the engagement team.