Detail drives new talent acquisition strategy at Sanofi

Detailed interviews and focus groups ensured this entry secured a place on the shortlist in the Use of Research and Insight in Employer Branding category.

About the campaign

Global healthcare company Sanofi needed an employer brand that aligned with its new ‘Play to Win’ strategy, demonstrating its commitment to continuous improvement and positive change. Symphony Talent needed to incorporate Sanofi’s valued behaviours and align the new EVP to the new corporate brand to create a consistent internal and external experience.

Internal research covered four main business units, seven major markets, virtual focus groups, a survey of senior leaders, and interviews with executive committee members, as well as focus groups with talent acquisition teams. Externally, Symphony Talent held interviews with potential and former candidates, including those who had turned down an offer, or those who had not yet joined. The result was a research and brand strategy report that included a competitor audit, results of the focus groups, demographic breakdown of survey results and a full, thematic report on the brand.

From the research findings, Symphony Talent and Sanofi built an insights matrix based on the CARD methodology (credible, relevant, aspirational, differentiating). It also created a ‘brand key’ that includes the critical factors that feed into the Sanofi employer brand. There are four critical pillars: explore more; chase change; do right; and make miracles. Recruitment marketing projects have since benefited from more distinctive, tailored messaging and have led to further creative projects based on the research insights.