SAP video shows candidates We’re Just Like You

SAP film captures everyday quirks of its employees to drive applications and secure a place on the 2023 shortlist for Single Use of Video.
We’re Just Like You - SAP
We’re Just Like You - SAP

Year: 2023
Achievement/category: Shortlisted in Single Use of Video
Client: SAP
Agency: In-house
Industry: Tech


About the campaign

SAP is a German software company employing 110,000 people across 140 locations. In 2022, its target was to ensure 50% of hiring was into early career talents (ECT). This covers students, interns, graduate programmes and roles that require less than three years’ professional experience. The company faces competition for talent from the likes of Microsoft and Google, and potential candidates outside Germany may lack awareness of what the company does.

The company needed to create a video explaining who SAP is that could be played at on-campus events and pushed out on social media. The final video shows a diverse range of young talent coming together to change the world, encompassing three of the organisation’s EVP pillars: Succeeding Together, Shaping Tomorrow and Serving the World. SAP employees were used as extras and the head of global employer brand appears in one scene.

The video was launched in May 2022 and has attracted more than 3,700 views on YouTube. LifeAtSAP accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and WeChat built almost many thousands of further views. Numerous visits were made to the SAP careers site as a result. One campaign in Germany generated 868 clicks to jobs at low cost, with a clickthrough ratio significantly better than average.