AB InBev dreams big with inclusive employer brand

Drinks giant AB InBev partners with MSL to develop a more inclusive employer brand and generate thousands of applications from a more diverse audience.

About the campaign

Brewing company AB InBev’s existing employer brand ‘Challenge Accepted’ did not feel sufficiently inclusive. MSL wanted to create an employer value proposition that held true to the needs of 170,000 employees in the new, post-pandemic world.

Using its BeliefStack technology and looking at previous campaigns and focus groups, MSL identified the primary beliefs of its three key audiences: students, factory workers and specialists. It discovered that they were motivated by supportive and inclusive values.

Cheers to Dreaming Big brings together the company’s ambitious culture but also the notion of doing things together as a team. The launch involved daily ‘activations’ such as encouraging employees to send a colleague a digital ‘cheers’, sharing playlists or getting together for a photo for the virtual photo wall. A launch toolkit included downloadable assets for employees to share.

Almost 3,500 graduates and undergraduates visited the company at the Bright Network Festival, with much higher representation from women and candidates from black and ethnic minority backgrounds. Month-on-month statistics showed an increase in the levels of engagement using the new branding, as well as a significant increase in job applications the month after launch.