Capgemini’s Active Inclusion shows the power of stories

Capgemini and Pink Squid's use of personal stories brought together employee networks and had a 'seismic' impact on the organisation, winning it Work of the Year in 2023.
Active Inclusion - Capgemini with Pink Squid
Active Inclusion - Capgemini with Pink Squid

About the campaign

For Capgemini, fostering an inclusive culture is integral to building a diverse and thriving workforce and creating competitive advantage. The company’s internal networks create a safe space for employees with similar backgrounds and experiences. Capgemini wanted to support its networks by raising awareness of them internally, increasing their membership and allyship, and showcasing the impact they could make.

Capgemini has six key networks focused on race equality, women, LGBTQI+, capability (disability and carers), veterans, and mental health. It spoke to members of each network to gain insight into their origin stories and how they support employees.

With its creative, it wanted to challenge people’s perceptions, open their minds and engage with internal audiences. One person from each network was selected to share a personal story in a letter, read by someone on camera outside of the network. Readers were interviewed to understand their reactions, after which the writer was revealed and both parties were encouraged to connect. Following this, the audience could join the conversation and hopefully, the network.

The ‘Stories’ exercise has been one of the top 10 most viewed on Capgemini’s UK website, with a 280% increase in active dwell time. All of the company’s networks have enjoyed membership growth, in particular the mental health network ‘Talking Heads’ which gained 32% more members as a result.

Judges’ comments

The judges loved this campaign, describing it as authentic, evocative and emotive, and its impact as seismic on the organisation – powerful, heartbreaking and inspiring. The simplicity of the videos were a gorgeous counterpoint to the complexity and brutality of the stories told.


Our sister brand Personnel Today put the spotlight on Capgemini and Pink Squid’s Active Inclusion campaign!

They ran a free webinar with Capgemini’s Northern & Central Europe Talent Director, Bal Gill and Pink Squid’s President and Co-founder Manjoor Azizul, to talk about how the campaign promoted the activity of Capgemini’s six employee networks.

You can find out more about this webinar and watch it on-demand by clicking here.

Active Inclusion webinar