Lloyds Banking Group urges students to be kind to themselves

Lloyds Banking Group challenged students’ misconceptions about working for a bank by demonstrating how the banking group prioritises people’s wellbeing.

About the campaign

Lloyds Banking Group realised that it could be difficult to get students’ attention with so much going on in their lives, so it developed a Calendar of Kindness where they could undertake an activity that would allow them to be kind to themselves for a moment. Activity suggestions included ‘Today I will meditate’ or ‘I will show my appreciation’. The posts were shared across Facebook and Instagram and invited participants to ‘share yours’ to boost interactivity.

The campaign challenged students’ misconceptions about working for a bank as it showed Lloyds Banking Group as an employer prioritising people’s wellbeing. Paid posts were split across several of the organic posts in placements on Facebook and Instagram, across stories, reels, and feeds. Targeting included students, student union society reps, parents, carers, and those with an interest in wellbeing. More than 22,000 kindness actions were taken as a result of the posts, and the campaign reached many more potential candidates than ones the bank had run previously.