Fidelity creates an employer brand with feeling

SMRS and Fidelity International developed new 'Feel Fidelity' branding to attract and retain talent in global markets.

About the campaign

Investment company Fidelity International wanted to develop an employer brand that captured a feeling around the world – in order to attract and retain talent in global markets, support growth and further deliver on its purpose. Through a wide range of research that included a worldwide survey, global focus groups and discussions with 44 leaders, an overarching message emerged on which to build their new brand: ‘Feel Fidelity’.

Working as a partnership from the start, SMRS also collaborated with Fidelity to create an on-brand, distinctive look and messaging style to bring their employer brand to life. This included creating brand pillars and guidelines outlining purpose, values, associated behaviours, the employee experience and its culture. A global ambassador community was also developed, to reflect the diversity of the business.

On launch, the messaging and imagery were broadcast widely in global offices, including videos, digital screens and interactive PDFs. The careers site and Glassdoor pages were also updated to reflect the new branding. The core branding has since been tailored to specific regions so colleagues can share stories and user-generated content.

There have been thousands of views of Fidelity’s launch article on its intranet and hundreds of comments on the CEO’s launch announcement. More than two-thirds of employees viewed the launch email and more than 12,000 have viewed brand-related topics on Yammer. Ambassadors’ posts have also received significantly more likes on social media than corporate posts.