HelloFresh employer brand is a recipe for success

HelloFresh's In-house Employer Brand Team takes a place on the 2023 shortlist for its work boosting the value of its brand among candidates and stakeholders.

Year: 2023
Achievement/category: Shortlisted in In-house Employer Brand Team of the Year
Client: HelloFresh
Agency: In-house
Industry: Retail

About the campaign

HelloFresh’s employer brand team of four boosted its Talent Brand Index from 5.73 to 7.41 during 2022 – the first year it created a dedicated employer brand team. In order to prove the value of employer branding to stakeholders in the business, the team developed what it calls ‘a recipe for success’.

During its first 10 months as a team, it successfully launched and expanded social media channels for career topics, a new career website design focused on enhancing the candidate experience for more than 2 million visitors per year, executed employee photoshoots across locations, created over 60 videos and video campaigns showcasing different teams and functions, and launched a career blog featuring more than 30 stories from employees across the world. The team also developed partnerships with vendors and freelancers to support its goals.

As well as improving its Talent Brand Index score, HelloFresh managed a 371% increase in its share of brand voice. Visitors to its career website had a 13.45% conversion rate, which is twice the industry average. There was a more than 40,000 increase in followers during 2022. The employer brand team works closely with the talent engagement team and plans to further increase its impact in the coming months.