Kingfisher gets employees talking with DEI campaign

Kingfisher's tough-talking conversation series, developed with ThirtyThree, provided insights into both minority – and majority – groups.
In Difference - Kingfisher with ThirtyThree
In Difference - Kingfisher with ThirtyThree
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About the campaign

In 2019, ThirtyThree partnered with Kingfisher to launch a diversity, equity and inclusion campaign. It wanted to spark more conversations around the experiences of under-represented groups following the death of George Floyd in 2020 and the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement. The agency wanted to first focus on why the majority group (mostly white men) often don’t speak or act on race or equality issues.

The resulting insights of the ‘No Man Left Behind’ strategy would focus on the white, male majority as much as under-represented groups. ThirtyThree explained the research to the senior leadership team, highlighting the fact that white majority audiences often turn away from such campaigns as they feel ‘blamed’ or that they are not the target of them, and was able to show they would be a necessary part of positive change.

The creative work that came from the research allowed groups that have traditionally been disenfranchised to feel seen and celebrated, while also involving majority groups in the discussion. It showed that indifference or apathy was as bad as racism itself as it maintained the unequal status quo.